Aurelia Thierrée


Who lives in the buildings whose walls you go through? The buildings you break into in the show?
I’m not sure, but it gets clearer and clearer every night…
I often wonder how much we become the cities we live in.
The apartments/houses that witness our lives.
It is nothing, a life, for an apartment!

Murmurs isa feast, but is it not also about loneliness?
Yes, but it is a very populated loneliness.
Victoria Thierree Chaplin directed the show and designed the costumes. What were your other influences? Inspirations?
It’s a personal question! Victoria also came up with the very structure of it all.
Places in demolition? Old houses slowly eaten up by moss?
When nature takes over.
Our relationship to objects. Memory, too.
Moving out.
Leaving everything behind. Starting anew/letting go.
The often invisible line between madness and imagination..(I like that one)
Freedom too.
So many things.
Inspiration is often bulimic and visceral!

What moment in the show was most challenging?
There is a part of the process that wants to remain mysterious.It doesn’t want to get defined. demands to be left alone.
It’s a fragile endeavor in the end. We rehearse and rehearse, we build up, but it is a continuous beginning. It can break. We can break. The audience’s attention can break.
I am fascinated by repetition. Obsessions. The mix between craftsmanship, and mad faith. An element we cannot control, that we invite on stage, night after night. And, the fact that it is all entertainment in the end ( or at the beginning) (or in essence).

Are you a Dancer? An Actress? A Mime? An Author? Where do you find yourself most happy?
I love and defend the fact that I am not that easy to define.. I like the blurriness of my situation because it allows me more flexibility, more freedom.
I rarely recognize the one who enters stage each and every night.
(but I am NOT a mime :)