Aurelia Thierrée

Aurelia Thierrée has worked in theater since childhood, in her parents’ the imaginary circus” and the “invisible circus”. Her background is miscellaneous. She’s worked in film, theater, on and off stage. She‘s worked in cabaret and variety. She collaborated on the making of the Oratorio

Victoria Thierrée Chaplin

Victoria Thierrée Chaplin created and directed Aurelia’s Oratorio. She hand made the costumes, and most of the scenery. When not designing. She is the show’s author and director. Victoria Thierrée Chaplin is one of the many daughters of…

1970..Victoria Thierrée Chaplin joins up with actor and director Jean Baptiste Thierrée. 1970…Jean Baptiste Thierrée is dreaming of a new style of circus- he invents “ le cirque bonjour”. 1971..”le cirque bonjour” is invited to the festival d’Avignon and tours France-Victoria’s participation gradually increases.

Later…the couple moves towards a more personal approach of circus world: “the cirque imaginaire” is born, with just them, and their two kids Aurelia and James on stage. Cirque imaginaire tours the world.

Later…”cirque invisible”, their current show is also very visible on all continents.

She collaborates on her son’s shows: the junebug symphony and “La veillée des abysses”.

And now…” l’Oratorio d Aurelia” is Victoria Thierrée Chaplin’s creation with Aurelia Thierrée.

Aurelia’s oratorio was inspired by medieval drawings that depict a world upside down and inside out. 

Murmurs continues their collaboration.